X-Men Tweaks

Okay, we put the Cyclops head on a DareDevil body, and replace his pantlegs with Captain America's pants. Cut off the top of his head, and sculpt a hood with Sculpey Super-Flex. (This breaks my normal rule about removable masks, but with that molded-on visor, that was impossible.) Give him back Cyke's shorts, gloves, and boots, with boot-cuffs of yellow vynil. DD's belt, with the X from Cyke's belt super-glued on.
"Slim" Summers

I've never been satisfied with Nightcrawler's '90s-style 'doo' or his angry scowl, so I used some Sculpey Super Flex to fill in his hair below the temples, and used an Xacto knife to alter his mouth into a more "smiley" shape. There are color-matching problems here, and I've yet to manage to fix it, but I'm still pleased with the change. He's got a sword from a "Soldier of the World" in its sheathe across his back. He looks great holding it, too.